Personal Stylist Transformations

Curious what an image consultant transformation might look like in real life? Take a look at these before and after client photos to see how a new look can inspire confidence and change the way you present yourself to the world.

Whether you’re interested in personal styling or image consultant services, executive styling or a complete personal brand transformation, we’ll partner with you to reinvent your image so you can reinvent your life. And while we take what we do very seriously, it doesn’t mean we’re serious while doing it. In fact, we promise to have a lot of fun when we’re together – because uncovering the truest expression of you is fun and we’re passionate about making sure that happens every step of the way.

Hover over each picture to see before and after personal stylist transformations.

Image transformation and executive styling are very exciting and very personal experiences, ones that require mutual trust and support, starting from the inside out.

That’s why our first priority is to get to know you – what you like, what you don’t and all of your personal stylist goals, wishes and must-haves. 

Our journey together takes a close look at every aspect of your image that’s important to you. It might include your hairstyle, dress and even how you speak. It’s all up to you; every image transformation is completely customized to whatever you might want and need.

“If there’s one thing we remind our clients about more than anything else, it’s this: it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, what you do or what size you are. What matters is who you are and what’s inside waiting to shine through.”

We can’t wait to bring out your shine. What will your Personal Stylist Transformation look like?

Keri helps clients accomplish their goals in life whether it be increasing their income, finding the love of their life or simply being fulfilled and happy. 

Let’s see what you can accomplish. 

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