“Listen to me people! Keri is as important to your success in business as any tool in your tool box. If you don’t think people will judge you based on the image you project then you’re selling this important asset way short. I highly recommend you invest in your business by hiring Keri. You will be changed by the experience.”



“Keri Blair makes my life easier. Her services save me time and money. And she’s a joy to work with!”



“She is an expert in her field that not only provided dress for success, but an image that transforms ordinary appearance, to successful, capturing and powerful appearance. Keri goes the extra mile to ensure her client’s success in the field of image.”



“I had a great time working with Keri and her team. They were fun to work with, put me at my ease, and provided a wonderful selection of clothes that I love to wear.”



“Keri is brilliant. Clothes, shoes, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, tips about how to dress, why certain things work on my body…all of these things have been eye-opening and mind blowing. Yet beyond these physical things, my entire view of my body and who I am as a woman has altered.

Now, rather than hiding my curves, I am free to dress in a way that tastefully accentuates who I am as a woman. Interesting to note, the day I started wearing clothes that flattered my figure, I looked like I had dropped 2 dress sizes.”



“I would say I definitely fell into the trap of keeping clothing around for years thinking I would surely wear it again. This left me with a vast quantity of tired and unstylish clothing which I would stare at for hours trying to figure out what to wear. Thanks to my husband for listening to me when I constantly remarked that I needed a stylist to go shopping for me. He gave me Keri Blair’s services as a gift and I couldn’t be happier. Kimmi helped me clean out my closet and then shopped for me, keeping in mind my lifestyle and my budget. In just two days, and a fun afternoon trying on a lot of clothing and jewelry with Keri and Kimmi, I had an entire summer wardrobe of quality, budget-friendly clothing. It’s been exciting to receive compliments on my outfits now. Keri Blair Image Experts is a great service!”



“I first contacted Keri when I was tired of my wardrobe – a mix between mountain wear and very casual. I wanted a new me. She came to my home and literally had me give 99% away – either to Goodwill, Denver Clothing, or trash (my choice). The following week, I went to her studio and “Voila”. A whole new wardrobe from casual to dressy – pants, blouses, dresses, shoes, and a handbag or two. Not to mention jewelry and a little make-up lesson. Never have I been more pleased with her selection. I have come back to her again to add additional items and again, was not disappointed. If you are looking for a new “image” for whatever reason, do it for yourself and go to Keri. Well worth the time. I will go back again when the time comes.”



“I loved my Keri Blair experience! She provided an atmosphere that was very upbeat, fun and professional. I fell in love with so many of the clothing choices that I had a hard time cutting them down to a reasonable amount. It was amazing how well Keri figured out what my clothing personality was and what would look good on me. I’ve been trying to lose that “last 10 – 20 pounds” for a very long time! The clothes that Keri picked out were very flattering and helped me look my very best even though I’m not at my perfect weight. I would highly recommend Keri to anyone who needs a fashion pick me up!”


Denver personal stylist testimonials“To say that what Keri Blair does is transformational is an understatement. At age 55+ I found myself looking for work and worried about how to present myself. Keri saw the many sides of me and helped me to become more confident in my looks and to dress like my authentic self. She saw things I never saw.”

“I had the misconception that I could never wear dresses because I didn’t look good in them or they didn’t make them to fit my body size. Imagine my surprise when I showed up and Keri had bought me all dresses… and they looked great! It’s hard to put in to words what she has done for me but the day my “transformation” was complete I was bombarded by compliments and I just felt like it was my birthday! Now, every day someone remarks about how pretty I look or asks me if I’ve lost weight. She is a miracle-worker.”


Denver personal stylist testimonials“I had no idea how much I needed Keri and her colleagues! Working with Keri’s Studio has been educational, empowering and delightful. I went from having 400 pieces of clothing with nothing to wear, to 40 pieces of clothing with 400 stylish options to wear!”

“I didn’t realize how much my presentation/style/wardrobe was actually holding me back until I started presenting my “upgraded” self. As a speaker and executive coach, this impacts my bottom line and the kind of clients that are attracted to me.”


Denver personal stylist testimonials“Can’t say enough good things about The Style Studio. I love being able to walk into the studio and walk out with perfectly fitting clothes, in style, that look awesome…and I didn’t have to do the work. They have saved me hours of shopping, and their expertise of what looks best has changed how I dress.”

“To know that I can pull anything out of my closet and feel good in it, makes every morning a great start for me! I absolutely love working with Keri and Samantha. Can’t wait for my fall session!”


Personal stylist makeover Keri Blair review“Keri Blair is the best Image Expert/Wardrobe Consultant in Colorado!

I give Keri my highest recommendation and refer her to friend, clients and colleagues regularly.”


Denver personal stylist testimonials“As someone who has always struggled with fashion, Keri did an amazing job of making me feel fabulous and professional. She has given me the confidence to walk into any room as a polished version of me!”


Denver personal stylist testimonials and reviews“Everything is considered from clothes, accessories, shoes, and fit. I didn’t walk away almost ready, I walked away knowing every outfit was 100% complete. Not only does this make me feel confident and professional, it makes my mornings less stressful and getting ready faster.”

“Keri helps expand my comfort zone. I’ve definitely loved new items that would never have been on my radar before. At the same time, she wants me to love everything I have, so there’s never pushing or pressure into something I don’t want/like.”


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