Branding Your Corporate Image From the Bottom to the Top

Corporate Image Consultant, Keri Blair, talks about the importance of having your executive’s image be a match for the branding of the company they represent. It’s important today to have an edge above your competition and image can give you that edge.

Whether you want to increase your bottom line, rebrand your company, work on the dress code or simply brush up a few employees image, Image Consultant Keri Blair can help you do just that. Image can have a direct correlation between morale and your bottom line.

Executive Workshops

This workshop is custom designed for your mid-to-top level executives.

We will get them ready for the next level of success. They will leave clear about what it takes to have a presence when they enter a room, conduct a meeting or press conference, or meet with a client.

Staff Workshops

This workshop is designed to work with your staff to best represent your company’s image and create a positive and lasting impression.

We will work directly with you to customize a workshop for your staff. The outcome is to have them represent your company well in the public eye, increase productivity and confidence, create pride in the company and boost morale. They will leave with a clear understanding on the importance of their image. We will use photos as well as physical examples.

Individual and Group Coaching

Want to make a profound difference with an individual in your corporation or a team of people? We will work either one-on-one or with a small group to provide even more of an impact. This includes answering questions that they have about how to present themselves in the workplace and how to create a positive impression.


Want an interactive, fun, enlivening keynote speaker that will have your group talking for months to come? Keri Blair is a nationally recognized speaker that will inspire you into action. She has a gift of telling people what they need to hear. Given image can be a touchy subject, this presentation (designed specifically for you) will be thought-provoking, fun and each person will leave with the keys to the kingdom for achieving the success they want.

For over 15 years, we have worked with Denver’s top executives and corporate teams to help them put their best foot forward. Contact us to get started!