Snow Fashion

Snow Fashion

With all of the snow the country has been seeing the past month or so, women everywhere are wondering how to get their “snow fashion” on.  On a normal day we already have enough on our minds on how to look cute but add 3 feet of snow to the mix and it’s a whole new ball game.   If you have an office job, it seems a bit easier because you can wear a snow boot and then change shoes when you get indoors.  However if you are out and about all day, it’s a bit of a challenge. My assistant and I encountered this issue just the other day.  She came to work in a beautiful dress and tall black boots.  The only problem is that it was 10 degrees outside and she looked really cold.  I laughed with her saying it’s the perfect day to expose her beautiful legs given the balmy weather.  She went on to tell me the dilemma she had that morning with her snow fashion.  If she wore her black pants, she didn’t have the right boots that were flats and had good traction while looking cute trekking through the snow and ice.  And yet other pants were too long that she would have to wear heals with them but didn’t have the right heels that had rubber souls.  The list was longer but this gives you the feel.  At the beginning of winter I also had this dilemma.  If we are running from the office to a client’s house and then from boutique to boutique, how do you look cute in your snow fashion while being practical and warm.  Here are a few favorites I have found.  I hope they help you look amazing while staying warm and safe.

How do you wear a down jacket without looking like stay puff marshmallow?

j3    j2   bur coat

Buy one that goes in at the waist, has a tie at the waist to cinch it or the pattern at the waist creates an illusion of it getting smaller.


Burberry Brit Cornsdale Channel Quilt Down Jacket with Hood, $795.00

Laundry by Shelli Segal Packable Down Anorak with Hooded Bib Inset Was: $320.00 Now: $209.90

Burberry Brit ‘Rushworth’ Belted Wool Blend CoatWas: $995.00 Now: $795.90


What boots can you buy that will have you look fashionable in the snow and at the same time keep your feet warm and cute?

                     ugg boots     shoe boots

tall bootsboots 2


Find a great boot with rubber bottoms and a nice chunky heal. I especially love Aquatalia because all of their boots are waterproof.


Ugg Emalie Black Wedge Bootie, $149.95

Aquatalia by Marvin K. Roberta Black Stretch Suede Bootie, $398.00

Aquatalia by Marvin K. Rhumba Black Stretch Suede Tall Boot, $725.00

Cole Haan Caliixta Bootie Black Suede, $138.00

Blondo Venise Waterproof Leather Riding Boot, Was $284.95, Now $237.59

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has so many meanings and fun things to celebrate.  Maybe it’s the luck of the Irish, an excuse to drink Guinness or Irish Whisky (not that we need an excuse), listen to bagpipes (because there aren’t many occasions for that) or an opportunity to wear a fabulous green dress.  I think St. Patrick’s Day is another opportunity to have fun!  Last July we were in Dublin (where Mr. Guinness lived and did much more for their culture than just make a beer) and it was amazing.  A fun fact is that Mr. Guinness and his wife had 21 children.  This would explain why he started a brewery.  I love kids but 21? The people were genuinely nice, beautiful people who cared.  So for me, this St. Patrick’s day is about people experiencing luck while wearing green and drinking Guinness. Some people think it’s hard to find something great to wear on St. Patrick’s Day so here are my top picks on how to wear green while looking stylish.

St. Patrick's Day

Tahari A-Line dress,  $128.00

St. Patrick's Day

DVF Riviera Jersey and Chiffon Wrap Dress , $478.00

St. Patrick's Day

Michael Michael Kors Sumatra Print Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $160.00

Comfortable heels

Comfortable Heels

Over the past 12 years of styling people, the issue I think I’ve dealt with the most with my clients is comfortable heels.  Most women think that they have to choose between looking cute or wearing comfortable shoes and sometimes they give up looking cute.  This is not the case.  You really can wear comfortable heels that are also gorgeous.  Given I’m only 5’4″ I don’t own a pair of flats.  I feel frumpy in them and don’t like the experience of everyone towering over me.  I am a profound lover of heels but even I have my limitations.  I’m on my feet all day every day between shopping and styling clients to chasing a 2 1/2 year old around, so for me, comfortable heels are a must!  Here are a few tips I swear by to keep you looking amazing while your feet are blissful.

Idea #1:  Wear a platform.  Platform’s give you more height and stability creating a nurturing environment for your feet.  I love this one with a more casual cork bottom.

Comfortable heels

Stuart Weitzman Safety

Idea #2:  Choose a chunky heel.   I love this tri-colored Via Spiga.  When you wear a thicker heel, you get more stability on your heels which will relieve a little pressure from the ball of your foot.

Idea #3:  Lower your heel height.  We all know a stiletto is gorgeous and sexy but over 3 inches and I can’t wear them longer than a couple of hours.  My advice is to give up your 4-5 inch skinny heels for a sensible 2-3 inch more comfortable heel.

Idea #4:  Look for a comfortable brand such as Aquatalia, Via Spiga, Cole Haan, etc. I adore this beauty from Aquatalia called the Kiki.  I love the heel height, sleek lines, chunky heel and comfort factor.


You really can look gorgeous in heels without the pain!


Feeling great about your body

Feeling Great About Your Body

Feeling great about your body could be one of the most difficult challenges we face.  As women, most of us deal with our relationship to our body on a daily basis.  I have found over the years that it’s the same story with a woman who is a size 2 or a size 20.  As women, we aren’t gentle with ourselves and in fact judge our bodies daily.  I was watching a piece on the Today Show yesterday morning on a woman, Joni Edelman, who blogged about this very issue.  She was very unhappy and practically killing herself over the years to be thin at the cost of not enjoying her life.  Now up many sizes, enjoying her life, she says, “I am happy.  I’m fat and I’m happy.”

Feeling great about your body


I also love this photo and the project Neringa created called We.Women.  She said her goal was to challenge the ‘mass hypnosis’ that the omni-present media portrayal of the ‘perfect’ women creates. Check out this amazing project and more photos here.

I hope you know, I don’t have an opinion on what you should weigh, eat, the size you are or anything else about your body.  It is precisely that, your body.  I do however have an opinion about your happiness and your willingness to embrace yourself today and every day.  I know that this is easier said than done but here are a couple of tips I have to love your body.  I’ve given these tips to countless clients over the years of dressing them and the results they have had is AMAZING!  They actually begin to love themselves as they are now.  I hope these tips work for you and your friends.

My tips to love your body.

Tip #1:  Be gentle with yourself.

Tips $2:  Every morning stand naked in a full length mirror.  See how long you can look at your body.  In the beginning it may only be a moment in time but if you do this every day, you can work your way up to a minute or longer.  While you are doing this, take the time to look at parts of your body and see if you can appreciate them for what they are.  Maybe you don’t love your stomach but you can learn to appreciate that why you have that stomach is because you have an amazing child or children.  Maybe you can love it because it represents all of the fabulous meals and wine you’ve had celebrating your amazing life.  Your body is an incredible vessel for you each and every day.

Tip #3:  Buy clothes that look great on you now.  Not 5 pounds ago and not 5 years ago.  Our bodies change frequently and it’s best to change your clothing style with it.

It’s important to get the word out that a woman’s beauty comes from within.  It’s the way she smiles, loves, listens and leads.

Best tote bag

Best Tote Bags

As women, we are always looking for the best tote bags.  One that will go with most everything you wear, have the pockets you need, the perfect length of strap and be multi functional.  As a business owner and mom I truly know the importance of having the best tote bag.  I need a bag that can hold my iPad, a bottle of water, makeup, etc. and then transition in my mommy bag to carry snacks, coloring book with crayons, and possibly extra clothes.  AND, functionality is only the beginning.  I also need it to look stylish! Here are a few of my favorites you can order online and a few we carry a the Style Studio.  To stay organized, my trick is to carry bags in bags.  Meaning, I have a makeup bag that I carry lipgloss, a pen, mints, Advil, a bandaid and more in.  I also have a bag with crayons so that we are never out without old fashioned entertainment.  (We all know that the iPhone or iPad is better entertainment but I like to keep it real as much as possible).


Tory Burch Marion Quilted $635
Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Medium Tote, $255,
Vince, Cut-Out Medium Hobo $895.00,

Black and White large tote, $120, The Style Studio
Silver large tote, $120, The Style Studio




Balayage Technique – A must

BalayageBalayage technique what?  That’s exactly what I said.  Recently I wanted a change to my hair.  After spending the last 2 + years as a redhead without highlights, and the prior 5 + years as a redhead with blonde highlights, I was ready for a change.  I thought I was ready to try the Ombre look until I met my new colorist Jennifer.  She told me the best way to achieve the look in the pictures I brought her was the Balayage technique.  Now, I am an expert in the beauty industry and am embarrassed to say I had no idea what this Balayage technique was and in fact it took me hours to learn how to say it.  Apparently it is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.  Which is exactly as it looked.  After mixing my two or three different colors, Jennifer, my stylist, pulls out a paddle with a special brush and it seemed more like watching a painter than a hair dresser.  I was amazed and LOVE the results.  Apparently this is the look we’ve been seeing on all of the catwalks and with all of the celebrities.  It looks sun-kissed with more dimension and total beauty.  You’ll also love the longer lasting results as you could be good to go for eight weeks or longer.  The added benefit is my husband says my hair is the best it’s looked in years.

Valentine’s Day = Love

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a day to express love.  I feel like over the years as we get older, Valentine’s Day has lost a little luster for us.  Maybe it’s because we’ve hardened ourselves to being totally available or maybe we just get too busy.  I say it’s time to bring the love back to Valentine’s Day.  I remember when I was little I would get so excited to go to school on Valentine’s Day with all of the cards I made for my classmates with candy attached.  I thought it was great to give them all something and what a fabulous surprise it was that when I returned to my desk, my box was filled up with a bunch of these really cool cards with notes on them.  It was a day to express love, admiration or just be silly and hand out hearts to each other. 
printable-kids-valentines-day-cards-11 Over the years as I talk to women in their 20’s and early 30’s, something has happened.  They aren’t into this glorious holiday.  They either ignore it if they are single or breeze by it if they are in a relationship making it no big deal to celebrate because after all, the flowers are overpriced and a dinner out costs a fortune.  What happened to the celebration of it all? Love is something we can express everyday with anyone or most importantly ourselves.  Valentine’s Day is an excuse to focus on love or just be silly about it.  What could you do this Valentine’s Day to love yourself a little more?  Maybe dress sexy just for you,  wear your sexy red bra and panties under your outfit for the day, you are sure to feel great.  If you don’t own one, what better time to go buy one.  Light a candle and have a glass of wine to celebrate the woman you are.  Take a much needed bath with flowers in it.  Anything you can think of but spoil yourself.  You could also surprise someone you love with a gift, a card or even just a smile and letting them know you appreciate them.  For me, going on a romantic walk or cuddle time speaks volumes!!

How to Dress for Any Occasion

You have a first date on Friday with someone you have been crushing on for years.  Yikes!  “What am I going to wear?” You ask yourself.  Or maybe you have an interview next week for your ideal job. Yay! “But what should I wear?” You ponder again.  It can be difficult to figure out what to wear without doing a little research ahead of time.  Putting a little thought into it will make for a successful meeting and outcome.  So whether you are going on a date or heading to an interview, we suggest you ask these 4 important questions below.

1.  Who are you meeting with?  Try to figure out as many details as possible about the person you are meeting, as it pertains to the situation.  What do they do for work? What’s their position?  What do they like to do for fun?  How old are they? (Google is your friend.  Just try to refrain from being labeled as a “Google Stalker.”)

2.  What do you want your first impression to be?          You have 3 seconds to make an impression that is locked in. What do you want someone to know about you?  That you’re funny?  Confident?  Life of the party?  Sincere?

3.  Where are you meeting?  At a local coffee shop? The office?  A Mexican restaurant?

4.  What’s your intention?  What do you want to happen during and after your meeting?   Do you want to land the job?  Go on another date?

Now that you have all of these questions answered,  go into your closet and pick out that perfect outfit!

Fall Fashion Trends 2014

Fall is in the air!  Soon those green leaves on the tree outside your window will gently flutter to the ground into a pile of oranges, reds, and yellows.  The temperature will be grazing the 50’s and you’ll race to your closet and ask yourself “what am I going to wear??” Not to worry, The Style Studio by Keri Blair is here to save the day!

Trends come and go, but some seem to stay season after season like animal print.  Listed below are 5 of the hottest trends this season that we feel are worth investing in, or if you are lucky, you may already have them in your closet!


1. Capes

Michael Kors, $295,

2. Wrap Coats

Trink Turk, $545,

3. Psychedelic Prints

Ted Baker, $475,

4. Pastels

Tibi, $295,

5.  60’s Inspired/A-line dresses

Milly, $445,



Sips and Style Workshops

Grab your girlfriends and get ready for some fun this fall!  We’ll take your look to the next level with these three amazing workshops customized for you.  Once a month, for 3 consecutive months, the premier image consulting firm The Style Studio by Keri Blair will be holding a 2 hour workshop to help you with all of your styling needs. Sign up for one or join us for all three.  Through these workshops Image Consultant Kimberly Ade will provide you with the tools you need to become more confident in how you dress and amp up your look.  


Dates:  September 20th, October 18th, November 22nd

Time:  10am – 12pm 

Cost:  $75 a class or $175 for 3 classes

Mimosas and light snacks will be provided.

September 20th 

Workshop 1:  Freshen up with Fall Fashion Trends

Get out of your shopping box and learn the top fall fashion trends and how you can make them yours.  The way clothing is worn on the runway isn’t always the right way for you.  From A-line dresses to capes, we’ll help you feel great about your look and try new things while learning what trends you can rock this season.  We’ll have clothes on hand from local boutiques so you can try different looks!

October 18th

Workshop 2:  Polishing Your Look – Accessorizing and Beyond

Clothing is an important part in creating your image, but adding accessories or tailoring garments can make a significant change in your overall look.  You can take a boring basic and make it look chic and new by adding some new accessories.  It’s an inexpensive way to jazz up your entire look!  In this workshop you will learn ways to wear jewelry, handbags, scarves, belts, etc. and what type of accessories work for you.  Join us in the Accessories Lounge and play with our fabulous finds from LA and NY!  You will also be given tips on the importance of tailoring and how you could salvage an ill-fitting garment.  Bring your top 3 outfits and we’ll take them to a new level.

November 22nd

Workshop 3:  Holiday Looks and Hair

If holiday parties has you thinking about Sparkle, come learn how to be a more glamorous you.  Get to know the must have holiday attire items and different ways you can dress up any outfit.  This is your opportunity to get out of the Little Black Dress rut or repurpose your LBD to wear 3 different ways.  If you are not into wearing dresses or skirts, you will love hearing about the outfit alternatives to make your look holiday ready. In this workshop you will also learn about the hottest holiday hairstyles and how you can do them yourself.

Register at 303.575.1606 or
Limited space is available.