Flatter Your Figure: Trends to Stay Away From This Fall

Not all trends are figure flattering.  I mean, the “hammer” pants didn’t exactly make anyone’s thighs look smaller.  And the baggy grunge flannels from the 90’s never helped accentuate anyone’s waistline.  If you want to look and feel amazing this upcoming season, make sure you don’t get trapped into the figure buster trends. They may do your body more bad than good! Here are a few of the trends you should watch out for:

1.  Oversize coats – While this outerwear may look comfy cozy, it’s going to add bulk.  If you want to appear slimmer, this boxy coat is definitely not ideal.

Try a fitted or belted coat instead.

2.  Over-the-knee boots –  These boots are great for all those long legged ladies, but if you are petite or have shorter legs, this is a trend to pass up.  Over-the-knee boots are meant to reach just past your knees.  For most petite women they will likely reach your upper thigh, causing you to appear even shorter.

Try knee-high boots instead.

3. Slouchy pants – The new style of slacks are baggier in the thigh and narrower at the ankle which can make your hips look wider.  Unless you want to add more weight to your bottom half, steer clear of this trend.

Try full leg trousers instead.

4. Turtlenecks –  While some may feel that the turtleneck elongates your neck, it can actually do the opposite.  Fitted turtlenecks draw more attention to you neck.  So if you have a short neck, the turtleneck will make your neck look even shorter.  By the way, turtlenecks also tend to close you off to others so if you want to appear open and available stay away from this trend.

Try a cowl neck instead.

Fall Trends for Men and Women

In just a matter of weeks fall will be knocking on your door and that means it’s time to think about changing out your wardrobe for the new season.  Need something new and spicy to give your look a little kick start for the season?  Why not try out one of fall’s hottest trends?  Check out some of our picks for both men and women below:


Men's Fall Trends

(left to right)
1.  Turtlenecks
2. Powder blue
3.  Oversize check
4. Bomber jackets
5. Gray on gray


Women's Fall Trends

 (left to right)
1.  Punk
2.  Blue
3.  Over-the-knee boots
4.  Menswear fabrics
5. Velvet 

2013 Women’s Pre-Fall Fashion Trends

With temperatures pushing 100 degrees, it’s hard to believe that fall is already on it’s way.  Well be prepared!  Soon you will be reaching for sweaters and boots instead of tank tops and flip flops.  Stores are already stocking their floors with colder weather garments!  Even if you are not gung-ho about slipping into autumn apparel, here are some of the hottest 2013 Pre-Fall trends you have to look forward to when you are ready.

1. Colorful Coats

2. Animal Print (although we think this is a staple)

3. Plaid

4. Motorcycle Jackets

5. White Shoes

Pre-Fall 2013
Michael Kors, $593, Neimanmarcus.com
L.A.M.B., $227.99, Zappos.com
J Brand, $1495, Saksfifthavenue.com
Clare Vivier, $210, Shopbop.com
Stella McCartney, $2085, Bergdorfgoodman.com

Favorite Flip Flops

When it’s pushing 100 degrees outside closed toe shoes can almost seem a little too hot to handle.  Well it’s time to let those feet breath!  A good pair of flip flops will surely do the trick.  Check out some of our favorite styles for both women and men below.

Flip Flops(left) DV by Dolce Vita, $39.95, Nordstrom.com
(middle) Orthaheel, $99.95, Zappos.com
(right) Rachel Zoe, $52.50, Shopbop.com

Men's Flip Flops

(left) Brooks Brothers, $47.60, Brooksbrothers.com
(middle) Island Slippers, $90, Stevenalan.com
 (right) Kenneth Cole, $78, Kennethcole.com


Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

It’s officially spring!  What better way to celebrate then trying out some fresh clothing trends for the season.  While happy brights have primarily been the main ingredient for spicing up spring wardrobes, fashion designers gravitated towards more mod, global, and feminine influences for 2013. So don’t put all of your winter clothes away just yet, as they may easily transition into some of this spring’s top trends including black and white, leather, and stripes!

Black and White

If the hue of your closet could be compared to that of an old Charlie Chaplin movie, then you are in luck this season! From graphic prints, to stripes, to leather paneling, designers put a strong emphasis on mixing black and white.

Black Halo

Bold Stripes

Think 1960’s, nautical, and a little bit of prep. Either vertical or horizontal, these stripes are classic, sleek, and can be worn year around.

Michael Kors


Cutouts are a great way to show a little skin without being too sexy.

Alexander Wang


Keep those lighter neutral calfskin skirts, dresses, tops, and shorts from your fall/winter wardrobe at hand because they are still a hot commodity for spring. Although you can never go wrong with the dark go-to neutrals, pastel is the fresh leather color this season.


Global Glam

From the Far East to the African countryside, designers embraced the native prints, textures, and even jewelry from faraway lands. Throw on an exotically printed silk scarf during the day or a short kimono inspired dress for a night out to add a little international flair to your wardrobe.



Ruffles are no longer a trend of the past.  Voluminous ultrafem waves of silks, organzas, and synthetics made a comeback this season on necklines, skirt slits, and sleeve cuffs.  Think frills with no fuss.  These simple structural ruffles are girly minimalist’s dream.

Halston Heritage