Best tote bag

Best Tote Bags

As women, we are always looking for the best tote bags.  One that will go with most everything you wear, have the pockets you need, the perfect length of strap and be multi functional.  As a business owner and mom I truly know the importance of having the best tote bag.  I need a bag that can hold my iPad, a bottle of water, makeup, etc. and then transition in my mommy bag to carry snacks, coloring book with crayons, and possibly extra clothes.  AND, functionality is only the beginning.  I also need it to look stylish! Here are a few of my favorites you can order online and a few we carry a the Style Studio.  To stay organized, my trick is to carry bags in bags.  Meaning, I have a makeup bag that I carry lipgloss, a pen, mints, Advil, a bandaid and more in.  I also have a bag with crayons so that we are never out without old fashioned entertainment.  (We all know that the iPhone or iPad is better entertainment but I like to keep it real as much as possible).


Tory Burch Marion Quilted $635
Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Medium Tote, $255,
Vince, Cut-Out Medium Hobo $895.00,

Black and White large tote, $120, The Style Studio
Silver large tote, $120, The Style Studio



Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts in Denver

It’s 2 days until my favorite holiday.  Here are a few Valentine’s Day gifts and a special offer for you.

If you know me well, you know that my favorite gift store in Denver is called Wish Gifts on Old South Gaylord Street.  I love this store because they are so unique and pride themselves on having items that no one else does.  Below are a few of my favorite items for Valentine’s Day. Valentine's day gifts

  1. Wish paper, great to write a wish on and let it go.
  2. These cute little boxes are perfect to write a love note in and place around the house.
  3. Anything sweet is always a good choice
  4. This catch all plate is a perfect reminder for your Valentine of how much you love them.
  5. Love lock.  Give your Valentine this lock to symbolize your love for them.

wish Another great Valentine’s day gift I love are these Infinity Love Wraps from Alex and Ani.


Handbag Essentials

Has your handbag ever been compared to Mary Poppins travel bag?  Well maybe you can’t fit a whole lamp inside, but the amount of items you carry around is pretty darn close.  What once used to be lipgloss, breath mints, wallet, phone, and keys is now three lip glosses, two lipsticks, one lip liner, two eye liners, powder, a compact, nail polish, two packs of gum, two breath mint containers, a handful of hair ties, sunglasses, a pair of comfy shoes, a bottle of water, extra jewelry, wallet, phone, keys and the list goes on and on.  Dipping your hands inside your purse to find something can almost seem unbearable.  It sounds like it’s about time to pair down and get back to the basics.  Besides your wallet, keys, and phone, we’ve created a list of our top 7 essentials to keep in your bag.  Not only will they make your life simpler, but a whole lot lighter.

1.  Lip gloss or lipstick – only one or two shades

2.  Breath mints – you never know who you’re going to come in contact with

3.  Shout wipes – in case you have a spill

4.  Travel size perfume – one of those freebie mini tubes will do the trick

5.  Nail file – no need for jagged edges

6.  Compact – keep the skin looking fresh

7.  Comb – untangle those knots and ratty hair

New Custom Jewelry Designs by Keri

Whether you are a dainty or a chunky necklace kind of gal, Keri custom designed a piece just for you.  Plated in real gold and silver, these new chain and pendant necklaces will add that extra glam to your outfit.  And they will go with just about anything!  Prices range from $120 to $320. Come by our new studio in Cherry Creek North and try one for size.



Our Must Have Spring Accessories

It’s time to store those heavy wool scarves and thick leather boots because spring is here!  Step into the sun and mild weather with some of the season’s latest accessories like our “must haves” below.  If your clothing doesn’t sing “here comes the sun,” adding one of these pieces to your outfit will surely do the trick.

spring accessories(clockwise)
1. Pastel bags
Ted Baker, $260,
2. Sporty heels
 Cheap Monday, $155,
3. Statement necklaces
Bauble Bar, $46,
4. Bold sunglasses
Thierry Lasry Deeply, $395,
5. Mules
Fendi, $850,


New Accessories Have Arrived!

The Accessories Lounge has been recently stocked with ALL new merchandise from LA! From chunky statement necklaces, to dainty necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and handbags – we have just about anything you need to complete  your outfit for Spring.

Spring accessories

Call us today to book your appointment to see the new pieces.


The Hottest New Accessories from the Accessories Lounge!

Look what just came in from LA and NYC!  From bold structured handbags to gorgeous chain necklaces and stoned earrings, we’ve added some of the hottest fall finds to our Accessories Lounge.


Call us today to book an appointment to check out these new accessories!  303.575.1606

It’s About Time! New Men’s Watches

When it comes to accessories, a lot of men feel unsure about the idea.  I mean, aren’t accessories mostly a girl thing? Wrong!  Accessories are the perfect way to complete an outfit for men too.  While heavy gold chains and woven friendship bracelets should be completely nixed from any guy’s wardrobe, we say the watch is the perfect accessory for a man to add to his outfit.  Check out some of our favorite sleek new watches on the market below…

Men's Watches

Victorinox, $1,250,
Emporio Armani, $345,
Fossil, $145,
Burberry, $595,
Movado, $695,

Favorite Flip Flops

When it’s pushing 100 degrees outside closed toe shoes can almost seem a little too hot to handle.  Well it’s time to let those feet breath!  A good pair of flip flops will surely do the trick.  Check out some of our favorite styles for both women and men below.

Flip Flops(left) DV by Dolce Vita, $39.95,
(middle) Orthaheel, $99.95,
(right) Rachel Zoe, $52.50,

Men's Flip Flops

(left) Brooks Brothers, $47.60,
(middle) Island Slippers, $90,
 (right) Kenneth Cole, $78,


Keri’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As a new mom, I realize more than ever how important it is to celebrate Father’s Day.  Here are a few ideas I think are great for your special man!

– Keri



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