Keri’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As a new mom, I realize more than ever how important it is to celebrate Father’s Day.  Here are a few ideas I think are great for your special man!

– Keri



Noise Canceling Headphones



Closet Clean Out & Wardrobe Makeover


Beauty MUST Have: Clarisonic

As an Image Consultant, I always want to know what products are the best of the best so that I can tell my clients about them.  As you probably know, there are tons of products out there promising to have your skin look young, fresh, and healthy, but not all of them do the trick.  Here’s one of our favorites that WILL change your skin (and your life in my opinion).  Since we have started using this little scrubbing tool, we have noticed a huge difference in our complexion and how healthy our skin looks and feels.


Clarisonic Mia $119.00 Ulta 

Some Clarisonic benefits include:

  • Cleans out pores
  • Removes dirt, oil, makeup
  • Gentle on your skin
  • Skin looks fresh, healthy, and bright
  • Reduces fine lines/wrinkles

You don’t HAVE to use it everyday, but if you want better results we suggest working it into your daily regime.  Add a little exfoliator onto the scrubber to clean your skin even deeper. Also, make sure you don’t miss the neck.  They say you can always tell how old a woman is by her neck.

(Keri uses the Clarisonic in the morning.  Kimberly uses it at night.)

Let us know why you love it.


Weekender Bags

Heading out of town to celebrate Memorial Day?  Well, whether you are taking a road trip to the mountains or jet setting for the long 3 day weekend, most likely you will be  needing a small carryon or duffle for your travels. Check out the amazing stylish bags we found, from classic, to trendy, and edgy!


Ines Weekender - CognacBanana Republic, $298, 


Pauric Sweeney

Pauric Sweeney, $2662.03,


Edgy/Rock and Roll

Deux Lux WeekenderDeux Lux, $190,


Spring 2013 Sunglass Trends

As the days are getting longer and the sun even brighter, it’s a good time to whip out those shades.  However, with all of the new funky shapes and colors on the market this season, it may be a great time to invest into a brand new pair!  Mirrored, colorful, embellished, round, geometric and cat eye are some of the hottest styles of Spring 2013.  Check out these fashion forward frames below:

Mirrored &  Colorful

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.24.31 AM

Ray-Ban, $155,
Tom For, $360,

Embellished & Round

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.25.09 AM

Prada, $430,
Le Specs, $79,

Geometric & Cat Eye

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.28.02 AM

Miu Miu, $365,
Tom Ford, $360,


Fashion Rules We Break!

Remember all those fashion rules your mother used to tell you?  Like not wearing white before Memorial Day?  As fashion stylists and image consultants, we say it’s about time to give those rules a good  kick in the butt!  Fashion rules are meant to be broken. Here are our favorite ones to break:

Don’t wear white before Memorial Day

White is perfect all year round.

Don’t mix silver and gold

Mix it up!  Throw on a few gold bangles with a few silver in between for a fabulous updated look.

Gold Silver Bangles

Don’t mix patterns

While some may say putting patterns on patterns is way too busy, mixing the right patterns is actually chic and adds depth and interest to your outfit.

Horizontal stripes make you look fat

Horizontal stripes actually create an optical illusion that makes you appear slimmer.  It’s all the rage this season, so go for it!


Match your shoes with your handbag

Say goodbye to matchy matchy!  Yes, you can actually wear your black heels with your favorite red bag.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.58.03 PM

Wedding Style, Dress

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Looking for the perfect wedding dress can get quite overwhelming these days.  Strapless or sleeves?  White or off-white? Mermaid or princess cut?  Beaded or silk?  With so many options out there, it can make anyone feel like maybe they should run for the hills instead into the chapel.  Keri Blair’s bridal styling will put any bride-to-be’s mind at ease by making wedding dress shopping a fun and enjoyable experience.  Keri will help you:

  • Create the perfect dress for your personality, body type and style
  • Design the groom and bridal party attire to accentuate your look

While you:

  • Enjoy VIP services including bridal shopping with your favorite ladies
  • Get picked up in a limo and enjoy a champagne lunch after looking at dresses


Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

It’s officially spring!  What better way to celebrate then trying out some fresh clothing trends for the season.  While happy brights have primarily been the main ingredient for spicing up spring wardrobes, fashion designers gravitated towards more mod, global, and feminine influences for 2013. So don’t put all of your winter clothes away just yet, as they may easily transition into some of this spring’s top trends including black and white, leather, and stripes!

Black and White

If the hue of your closet could be compared to that of an old Charlie Chaplin movie, then you are in luck this season! From graphic prints, to stripes, to leather paneling, designers put a strong emphasis on mixing black and white.

Black Halo

Bold Stripes

Think 1960’s, nautical, and a little bit of prep. Either vertical or horizontal, these stripes are classic, sleek, and can be worn year around.

Michael Kors


Cutouts are a great way to show a little skin without being too sexy.

Alexander Wang


Keep those lighter neutral calfskin skirts, dresses, tops, and shorts from your fall/winter wardrobe at hand because they are still a hot commodity for spring. Although you can never go wrong with the dark go-to neutrals, pastel is the fresh leather color this season.


Global Glam

From the Far East to the African countryside, designers embraced the native prints, textures, and even jewelry from faraway lands. Throw on an exotically printed silk scarf during the day or a short kimono inspired dress for a night out to add a little international flair to your wardrobe.



Ruffles are no longer a trend of the past.  Voluminous ultrafem waves of silks, organzas, and synthetics made a comeback this season on necklines, skirt slits, and sleeve cuffs.  Think frills with no fuss.  These simple structural ruffles are girly minimalist’s dream.

Halston Heritage

Keri Blair Image Consulting

Dress for Success

Keri Blair Image Consulting

I love this quote because it articulates what I know to be true –  the right clothes really do have the power to transform, to inspire and to change lives.  I have seen it time and time again throughout my 11 years of being an Image Consultant.  Armed with the right wardrobe, my clients have gained the confidence needed to meet the love of their life or get promoted from the cubicle to the corner office!

As the New Year approaches, I encourage you to think about your goals for 2012 and what success means to you.  Then take a good look at yourself in the mirror and assess your image.  Does it align with who you really are or your definition of success?  People are judged by their appearance every day and your image can help or hinder your chances of achieving your goals.  The great thing about your image is that you have the power to reinvent yourself and create a personal brand that gets you the success you want.

Personal branding is your passport to success – go forth and conquer!

The Accessories Lounge – New Arrivals!

What’s new at the Accessories Lounge?  Fabulous totes and clutches from NY and LA just in time for the holidays!

We hand selected a spectacular assortment of purses that are perfect for any stylish wardrobe.  The streamlined patent envelope clutches are stunning and just right for an evening out.  The over-sized totes make the perfect carry-on for busy holiday travel and the little leather handbags are just right for carrying your daily essentials with style!


Call today to set up your personal shopping appointment with one of our stylists to find the perfect purse for your holiday happenings @ 303.575.1606.

Making A Style Statement

Yves Saint

My passion as an image consultant is to inspire clients to make a style statement that truly captures the essence of who they are and who they want to be every day.

Fashion is synonymous with Style; yet both are distinctly different.   Fashion is what you see in the magazines, on the runway, the latest trend etc. and Style is a distinctive way of putting it all together. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a slave to fashion to be stylish; you just need to know what looks fabulous on you and then find a way to create your signature style.

Accessories are THE best way to put the ‘wow’ in your style statement.  Accessories are to clothes what frosting is to a cupcake…. it’s amazing how you can transform an outfit (or a cupcake for that matter) by changing up the ‘toppings’.

The key to any stylish wardrobe is Accessories and after years of working with clients,  I decided to launch my own Accessories Lounge so that I could have the very best all in one place instead of running from store to store.  It’s a convenient and fun styling experience for my clients.

Book your private appointment in the Accessories Lounge to shop the best jewelry, handbags and scarves from NY and LA!