tummy trouble

Tummy Trouble: Slim Down Your Stomach

We all have parts of our bodies that we are self-conscious of and for many women it’s tummy trouble.  Whether you had way too many beans last night and your tummy is bloated like a balloon or maybe you have an extra roll or two chilling on your midsection, it’s safe to say that you probably don’t want anyone to be staring at it.  (Let’s keep our tummy trouble to ourselves.)  If you’re wanting to disguise that tummy as a prize, then check out our tips below to help you slim down that midsection.  No dieting or exercise required!

High waisted Spanx.  These are my favorites because they smooth out any bumps you may not want to share with the world and go perfectly under most everything.

Pants that hit at your natural waistline.  This is flattering because if you wear a lower rise pant or jean this will only accentuate your tummy trouble.

Ruched tops.  Oh how I love rushed anything.  This is an instant saver for your tummy making you look thinner and stylish.

Patterns done right.  I love this look because it deflects from your tummy or any other body issues you may want to defect.

Jackets that fasten at the waist.  Whether you button it, tie it or cinch it, bringing in your waist with a jacket will always help you look thinner.

shape wear

Trust Your Thinstincts® High-Waisted Mid-Thigh $72.00 – $76.00
Donna Karen Side Zip Slim Pants, $895, neimanmarcus.com
Michael Michael Kors wrap side zip ruched top, $125., farfetch.com
DVF Chain-LInk Jersey Wrap Dress, $398, nordstrom.com
Weened Max Mara ‘Tigre’ Jacket $445


Long Lashes

Long Lashes

Everyone is always asking me how to achieve those long, full, amazing long lashes.  I have two answers.  One is get Extreme lash extensions which are amazing!  You can read more about my experience with them in my LiveLoveLash blog.  The second trick I currently swear by to get long lashes and tell all my clients.  You start with an eyelash curler, then apply Lancome CLS Booster which is a lash primer that goes on white and finally add mascara and my favorite is MAC ‘False Lash’ Mascara in Black.  I have been doing this combination for awhile and people often ask me if my lashes are fake because they look so good.

Let me know how it works for you.





Top Picture: L – Extreme Lashes R – natural lashes with nothing on
Bottom Picture: My favorite products

lashes 2



Elf Eyelash curler, Target, $1.00
Lancome CILS Booster $25.00
MAC ‘False Lashes’ Mascara $22.00

beachy waves

Beachy waves

Beachy waves is one of the biggest looks right now in hair.  And yet, there are many people who still haven’t mastered it, like me (until recently).   Over a year ago I cut my luxurously long hair into a shoulder length bob.  I love the cut and have felt liberated by the amount of time it takes me each morning to get ready leaving me more time with precious Stella.  With my long hair, I was masterful at curling it and always achieved the perfect beachy waves, however, since having short hair, I have struggled with the perfect way to create this look.  I’ve watched videos, tutorials, read magazines, etc. and tried it all including the products they recommend to no avail.  If you saw how many curling irons, flat irons, round brushes, blow driers and not to mention all of the hair product I have, you’d be amazed.  Finally, I got it and am loving my success.  The thing that no one tells you is that achieving this look in your hair has a lot to do with your hair.  I have really thick hair so if I followed the instructions of how to do this like they did on a woman with thin or fine hair, it wouldn’t work on me, the waves would always fall out.  The point to my story is that I will tell you what finally worked for me but ultimately, it’s practicing different ideas until you find what works for you.

beachy waves


The solution for my beachy waves:  I section my hair off really well with clips so each section that I curl is only about 3/4 of an inch.  I use a 1 1/4 inch barrel and alternate each curl leaving the ends out a little.  First curl back, next forward, etc. going all around the head, then letting more hair down and doing it again.  With my thick hair, I turn the iron up as hot as possible and leave it in the hair for 8-10 seconds to keep the hold.  At the end, I toss it around a little and viola I have beachy waves that last all day.

beachywave 2


Hot Tools 1.25” curing iron, $39.99, amazon.com

Valentine's day

Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Here’s my take on the perfect Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift ideas.  It’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day.  This is a magical day filled with love.  The dilemma most women have is “What do I get my man for Valentine’s Day?”.  Here are a few favorites that I love.  After all, what more could a man want for Valentine’s Day than something for his drink, his love of music and his perfectly soft and smooth face.  Secretly I love that we too get to enjoy them!


men's vday


Tandem Whiskey Set – 2 Scotch Tumblers with Chilling Stones, $29.99 amazon.com
Sonos wireless speakers Tandem Whiskey Set $199-$299, sonos.com
The Art of Shaving kit, $175 and up




Valentine's Day lingerie

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Nothing is quite as sexy as what’s underneath.  This Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to get some new sexy lingerie.  An amazing bra can have you walk taller and look 10 pounds thinner all at the same time.  I also really love sexy boxers for men.  Here are a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day Lingerie.





Saxx Platinum Boxer Brief Fly, $38.00
Marie Jo Jane Push Up Bra, $149.00, Sollingerie.com
Natori, ‘Feathers’ Contour Bra, $68.00



Headshot day

I think it’s very important any time you change your look or even once a year to redo your headshot.  It’s something that most people don’t think about but the value of having a fresh headshot is huge.  If your picture is out of date, when you meet with someone, they don’t know who you are.  I recently looked at a client’s profile on Linked In as well as her website and was surprised to see that her current headshot was several years old.  Her hair was a lot shorter and she dressed much differently (that’s because I gave her a makeover and she looks amazing now).  Show off the new you to the world and make sure your brand is always consistent.

As a benefit to some of our clients, we hosted a headshot day at our Studio.  Our amazing makeup artist Jessica was here doing everyone’s makeup so they looked their best and one of my favorite photographer’s was on location.  My team and I styled everyone in the best outfit and accessories to complete the look.  It was a lot of fun but most importantly, these photos turned out amazing and it was an great day.  We’ll be hosting more of these events in the future.

photo shoot

Tips for headshots.  First of all, find a photographer that you love or comes highly recommended.  They need to be able to capture YOU through the picture to whoever is looking at it.  Next, don’t skimp.  If this is a picture that you are going to show the world through your online presence or even on a business card, you want to look the best you can.  I recommend hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup.  If you can swing it, hire a professional to dress and accessorize you for the photo.  My last piece of advice is to have someone with you that can put you at ease and even make you laugh so that you don’t just have a fixed or fake smile but rather you are relaxed and having fun!

Makeup by:  Jessica Chynoweth with purleymakeup.com

Photography by: Megan Anderson with graphiquephoto.com

Xtreme Lashes by Live Love LASH


Long, lush, gorgeous lashes.  If you like the sounds of that, then we suggest you head on over to our new favorite place in Cherry Creek North…LIVE LOVE LASH.  The owner Amy Dickerson, an award winning Advanced Certified Xtreme Lashes stylist and her fabulous team brings new meaning to the world of lashes.  Forget those faux lash strips you buy at the drug store, this is the real deal!

We are always asked where to go for the best in the beauty industry and pride ourselves on finding the best resources for all of our client’s challenges.  I’m happy to say, we love this place.  We recently tried out their lashes and were surprised and delighted by the results!  These lashes are perfect if you want to look your best everyday or for that woman who wants to look ravishing for a special event.  Not only do we love that our eyelashes are voluminous, long, and natural looking, but we don’t need to use our eyelash curler or wear mascara!  Added benefit…it will cut your beauty regime in half.
One session to apply a full set of eyelashes can take anywhere from two to two and a half hrs, but the process runs so smoothly that it only feels like an hour! While you lay there on comfortable massage table, daydreaming of your gorgeous new eyes, the lash professional goes to work and meticulously matches each lash for lash.   Next thing you know you’re woken from your dream and glance into the mirror only to see beautiful new eyes staring back at you!
Mention Keri Blair and get 10% off your lashes!!

October Client Spotlight

Teddi Ann Barry


Lawyer at Teddi Ann Barry, P.C.
The Style Studio by Keri Blair Client for 5 Months

Do you have children?  How many?

“I have two children.  Jack is 4 and Anni is 5.”

Where do you work?

“I have my own Family Law & Mediation practice, Teddi Ann Barry, P.C., with offices in Denver and Avon, Colorado.”

What’s your clothing item or accessory must-have of the moment?

“Must always have a cute black dress – Keri found 2!”

Favorite local hotspot?

“I love to be anywhere in Cherry Creek.  I can’t claim a favorite.”

Tell us more about your lifestyle…

“Last year I got divorced and turned 40.  I’ve had my own practice again for the past two years after working with a large firm managing the family law practice state-wide.  As my business is thriving I am working to find that happy balance between life with an amazing career and single parenthood of 2 small children that I love more than anything in the whole world.”

Why did you decide to use The Style Studio by Keri Blair?

“My wardrobe was terrible.  I hadn’t updated my wardrobe since before having children – over 5 years ago.  I had no idea what professional single mom looked like today.  I’ve been following Keri’s career via Linkedin for years and finally made the appointment.”

How did you feel about your style before you went to The Style Studio by Keri Blair?

“It was tired, sad and turns out worse than I thought.  I was trying to be the traditional lawyer by day with absolutely no sense of style.”

And now?

“Keri found my energy, confidence and desire to be bold and found the wardrobe and style to show it.  I couldn’t be happier.”

Why is it important to you to look amazing everyday?

“I am constantly selling myself and the firm as Family Law’s Finest in Colorado.  To have the look that matches the knowledge and professional skill is beyond explanation.  Knowing I look good has brought more energy and confidence than I had before in business.”

Tell us about your experience working with The Style Studio by Keri Blair…

My experience was incredible.  It was amazing to have someone I met with only once come to my home and spend such time going though my clothes and getting to know me and what I liked and then 2 days later have an entire new wardrobe waiting for me in her studio.   Kimmi and Amanda have been a wonderful help and Jessica’s makeup make over is just fantastic.

I struggled for awhile about hiring someone and spending the money for the make over, but now that I finally reinvented myself and my business image I don’t think I will ever shop for myself again when Keri and her staff do such a better job finding quality pieces that work so well together.

I am truly amazed by Keri’s talents.”

What would you say is the biggest change in your life after using The Style Studio by Keri Blair?

The biggest change is knowing what “good” looks like instead of just guessing or trying to figure it out on my own.  I’m forever thankful for Keri Blair and this experience.”


Fall wardrobe review and edit


It’s officially fall and time to change out your short sleeve and linen wardrobe to long sleeves, boots and jackets. I’m excited and wanted to give you some tips on how to do this most efficiently. If you want to do it right, start over.  Take everything out of your closet. Try each item on and see if you love it. If you do, it goes back in the closet. If you don’t, it goes in a pile to donate or consign. It’s very important in this process to be true to yourself.  Only keep it if you love it and it makes you feel amazing. At the end of this, don’t be surprised if you don’t have a lot in your closet. This is good news because these are the pieces that you love and feel great in. The other pieces are just filler and clutter. Most people actually wear only 1/4 of their closet and sift through the 3/4 every day making them frustrated. Now you can see what you need for fall and can be strategic about buying the right pieces.

Ready to shop?  Read our blog post on Successful Shopping by yourself or call us at 303-575-1606 to help you find those amazing new pieces to make your wardrobe great.



Men’s Fall Fashion Trends 2014

Hey men, it’s about that time to switch up your duds because it’s going to get chilly outside.  In the meantime, you should look into your closet to see if you are fully prepared.  How long has it been since you purchased a new fall clothing item?  Can’t remember?  Then you need a little refresher. To spruce up your wardrobe this season check out a few of the latest Men’s fall fashion trends for 2014 that you need to pick up below or call us at 303.575.1606 to help outfit you for fall!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.19.00 PM

1.  Dark green

Neiman Marcus, $425, neimanmarcus.com

2.  Black and white

Vince, $79, barneyswarehouse.com

3.  Quilted puffers

Burberry Brit, $595

4.  Slim slacks

Banana Republic, $100