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Keri Blair

Keri Blair

Image Consultant

Keri Blair is a nationally recognized Personal Stylist & Image Consultant who prides herself on making a profound difference in people’s lives. “For me it’s not simply about how you look, what’s more important is how you feel and your attitude in life,” says Keri.

For Keri, the most fulfilling aspect of being a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant is in working with CEOs, executives, professionals in every field as well as stay at home moms to have their image be extraordinary. This process increases their confidence and allows them to dress with ease. In this fast paced society that we live in, it’s important to look great without spending a lot of time or money doing so. Keri does the time intensive work so that you can get on to the important things in your life, your family, career, social activities, etc.

This Personal Stylist & Image Consultant is one of a kind in her approach and works in a unique way that brings the essence of who you are to the outside leaving you more expressed, confident, happy, and glowing.
Working with clients in this way has them accomplish their goals in life whether it be increasing their income, finding the love of their life or simply being fulfilled and happy. Keri will accomplish your goals with you.

She offers an array of services but customizes working with each client to fulfill on what’s most important in their life.