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"Our confidence is directly linked to our image and how we present ourselves. When my clients feel better, they often find the result they were seeking simply shows up."

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Customized presentations for your business or event.

Keri Blair is Denver, Colorado’s foremost image consultant. Our image, wardrobe and fashion consultants and personal stylists work with you to provide a truly customized, exclusive experience. Regardless of your age, profession, goals, event or styling experience, our flexible team offers a wide range of services centralized on providing you with the highest quality of work, right down to the finest detail.

Do you feel Amazing about yourself everyday?

Within the first few seconds of meeting you, people form an opinion. Do you really know the first impression you make on others? Whether you want to make an impact in business, dating, or other areas, redesigning your image will help you look and feel AMAZING — and can literally change your life.

Keri Blair is a Denver Personal Stylist, Wardrobe and Fashion Consultant and Corporate Image Consultant who works with you to create a style that expresses the essence of your best self. Working with Keri will give you a new look and a new perspective on life. She’ll help you make an impression that suits you, and you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Giving yourself an image update is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your career or your love life. Keri’s 15+ years of experience in image and style transformations is at your full disposal to have you looking and feeling great about yourself.

Some of the Many Things We Have Helped Our Clients With

  • A new wardrobe
  • Mix and matching their current wardrobe
  • Helping them discard items in their closet that are outdated or don’t look good
  • Makeup lessons or refreshers
  • Finding the perfect shoes for hard to fit feet
  • A new outfit for that special event
  • Wedding gown and wedding party attire
  • Accessorizing wedding parties
  • Finding the perfect gift for your spouse or loved one
  • Finding the perfect interview suit
  • Public speaking training
  • Skin care regimen and advice
  • Design the perfect hair style and color for you
  • Packing for trips
  • Digital look books
  • Virtual makeover via skype/facetime
  • Online dating profile including photos, wardrobe choices and profile description
  • Gift certificates for loved ones
  • Style parties
  • Etiquette training
  • Finding the perfect undergarments to accentuate your look
  • …and, anything else we can to have you love the way you look!